4sale. KH muni 24inch. 96' OR partial trade on a 20 inch muni

Hey I am selling my kh 24 I bought it about a year and a half ago and havent been riding in months. Its still solid I never was really that good or crazy with it. It has some paint knicked and rubbed off, as it is a muni. It has aftermarket peddles, closed bearings I think wellgos, ran me bout 70 bucks at MEC. It has a new seat shaft, trudavit, and a magura hydraulic hand brake worth over a hundred bucks. I bought if for 700 and put about 200 into it. So I was thnking 550 or best offer. So lemme know. Names matty. Also aint got picks yet, but can get them soonishy…any questions ask pleas email me direct I probably wont check this site often.

later, matty

what currency are you basing those prices off of. just so we know. because if that is USD you could get an 07 for cheaper.

Pics too please

Bump, Did ya get the pics yet?