4ply Maxxis hookworm

Hey all,
I am currently on the search for the first generation model of the maxxis hookworm tire in the 24inch size. They are constructed in 4 ply vs the new lighter 2 ply tires which rip like paper.
Thanks, jacob

Why dont you try the Maxxis DTH?

It comes in 24x2.4, is light, very bouncy and should be quite durable (i use it in 26" for my longjump-wheelset and it hasnt failed yet)

Well lighter the tire less material that is there. That means it will be more prone to failure.

The tire looks like it would be wicked for slopestyle though!

Are there any specific markings on the tire distinguishing 4 ply? I just looked at the one in the basement and it doesn’t say anything about the ply number.

I talked to Maxxis and they told me that never produced a 4ply tire. I think the older tires were a little thicker because there are many complaints about the tire being so heavy.

The current ones weigh in about at 1000 grams. I talked to a rider that has one that appears to be older, (has a downhill logo marked on the sidewall), and he said his weighed 1300 grams. I think as of right now the only way to really tell is to weigh the tires.


I have the one with the Downhill logo on the sidewall, but it’s written 2ply. I think it’s pretty old though since I took it from an old chopper bike in a bike shop. The sidewalls on mine looks pretty thick, I dont think you’d get through it really fast. I wont sell it though… I’m just saying that the one with the Downhill logo is 2ply…

But Jacob, you could probably repair your tire with another tire. Like sidewall reinforcement. I’ll post a picture of my repaired Gazzaloddi next week. If you have a few tires laying around you could try it!

Yeah I dont think there is a 4 ply hookworm after talking to maxxis. I just want to know if the older ones weigh more than the new ones. I still have my old ripped tires though! That would be awesome if you could show me how to fix them. :slight_smile:


Ya know, searching for a discontinued tire will ultimately be a no win situation. So why not look for a tire that is current?

How about tires that are used by BMX/street riders who need “grind” resistant tires? I’ve seen a few of those, Vee Rubber and Geax are worth looking at, might find a tire you like…

My hookworm that I bought 4 years ago (not sure how old the stock was) weighs in at 1354g. It has downhill & 2 ply printed on the sidewall. I think the ~1000g tyres are the 1 ply version. How much do your busted ones weigh? (assuming they’re only torn with no chunks missing) Are yours labelled 2 ply?

@Nurse Ben

All of the current BMX tires are no where near the same as the hookworm. The first difference is the size, I have yet to find another street tire that is 2.5 wide. The closest I can find is around 2.35 that is made by Schwallbe, (please forgive my spelling). Also they are lighter… which means weaker. The hookworm is strongest tire for the category in which it is in. Then lastly I dont grind through my tires, the sidewalls rip apart from the bead. This usually happens after a good 3 or 4 months of riding. I am not running with low pressure either. I try to keep it around 40 or 50psi.


Yupp that confirms it then, the older tires were stronger than the new ones. I only have the new tires. They weigh in at 1000 grams