48h trials rim?

Is there any good 48h trials rim?


I dont think so… if your going trials get an alex rim they are pretty strong and cheap… maybe youd wanna look into kh rims too… but 48 holes I dont belive ive seen any…

caw89 has called UDC and gotten one. Call them once and ask for it.

Check it:
uni.uk.com carries a qu-ax 48 hole trials rim here:

There was another rim that they were getting over there that had 48 holes that wasnt available in the US but i forgot what it was. The qu-ax looks good enough anyway. It might be worth emailing uni.com (US) and asking if they happen to have any that they just arent listing on their site.

Oh, Rolands got a a 48 hole Alex rim on municycle.com:
You know Alex is gonna be good.

THe 06 torker DX comes with a 48 hole Alex RIm.

I’m pretty sure the Qu-Ax trials rim is 48h.

Indeed!:slight_smile: the previous versions were sold with a 20’ 48 holes ALEX DX 32 Rim… now it’s another kind of rim but it’s still 48h

I got this rim from Unicycle.com USA it’s sold as a nimbus but it looks a lot like a Kris Holm same profile and reinforced niple eylets I think it was $30. They don’t have them in the catalog so you need to call them.

trials wheel.jpg

Im looking for a rim to go with a qu-ax hub, tellu, how has that been holding up?


So far so good, I haven’t had it together for too long though.