48 spoke trials rim

I’ve found out that there is an Alex DX 32 rim with 48 spoke holes available for my Torker 24" trials conversion. The Torker comes with a 48 spoke set-up, but there seem to be no 48 spoke 19" rims available in the U.S. :frowning: This, however may soon be remedied :sunglasses: John Drummond says that he is going to order a shipment of them which should arrive in about three months. In the meantime I’ve ordered one from Municycle.com in Germany. I think the 24" Torker is going to make an excellent trials mount, once converted, and when rims are available this conversion will really open up another inexpensive, high quality trials option:D

That’s great…people are busting their 36 spoke trials rims all the time :roll_eyes:

Yeah, I dont personally see a great need for that myself. but if people are willing to buy it thinking it’s a ton better, ok.

I had the option of getting some 48 hole hubs done by Profile, but not a single person decided to get one. The demand or need is simpy not there.

I don’t think there is a need for the 48 spokes, it’s just that the Torker comes with a 48 hole splined hub and a cheap 20 inch rim. To be used with trials tires, a 19 inch/48 hole rim was needed.

I think that’s great news about the Alex rim. That would be a nice trials setup if you get the Alex rim and a wide frame and trials tire.


you can skip holes on the hub, and lace it to a 36 hole rim nicely

Yeh, my 19" Monty rim (36 hole) hasn’t yet gone out of true after lots of drops. I don’t like adjusting spoke tension, etc on a regular 48 spoke wheel because it’s so cramped…I hate to think what it’d be like with a 19" rim. Not that I adjust my spoke tension all that often.


will a trials tire FIT on a stealth torker frame? I’m guessing that if it’s one of the unicrown style ones it won’t fit, but if it’s one of the newer, flat crown ones with a splined hub, it might work.

The word on the grapevine is that the frame is too small to fit a trials tire. But then again, Yuni frames are cheap.


Will it fit?

Yes it is the new 24" Torker with splined cranks. The frame is plenty wide enough and only about 1/2" taller from bearing holders to bottom of crown than our Summit appears to be. The 20" framed Torker would not work at all. The seat post is the same as the Summit at 25.2mm and the frame is beefy, but not excessively so. I’ll weigh the various components when I disassemble it in preparation for final reassembly. The cranks are beefy and look confidence inspiring. The crank shaft is round.

I’m sure some are wondering why I’m going to this trouble. Frankly, it’s mostly just for fun to see what I’ll end up with. However, an e-bay Torker runs $149.00 before shipping. Tire, tube, rim and spokes plus wheelbuilding fee will run about$120.00 and $25.00 to ship the uni adds up to just under $300.00 for what I’m guessing will be an excellent trials mount that is somewhat unique.

A KH or Onza will cost you almost $400.00 plus shipping, so maybe I’ll take the extra cash and buy a carbon fiber seat-base and magnesium Primo tenderizers, and lighten it up a bit.

Anyway, I’ll keep you all posted as to how it goes and put up pics when it’s done!

If the Torker DX hub/cranks hold up, that sounds like a good trials machine.

Anyone riding the Torker DX hub/cranks really hard?
Any problems with them yet?

Re: Will it fit?

its 25.4

Well, yours might be. I had both of mine turned down in a lathe to 25.2mm to make them go in easier:D That, and my memory ain’t what it used to be.