48 spline Titanium axle and cranks

Has anybody looked at these? I did some searching for Titanium cranks and looked on bike forums and bounty hunted these. There were some talk of others that weren’t out yet, but these look good.

1.3 lbs!(axle and cranks combined) Profile’s hub and cranks are something like 3 lbs! You save tons of weight with these. Think of the Trials uni, or Muni you could have.

48 spline, will fit profile axle.

They look pretty sweet aswell
So for all who want to overhaul your Profile hub and cranks, and make your rig much lighter. Giv-it with these! You’ll shave off 2.7 lbs! If you have a profile hub and cranks in already.

The final price of this axle and cranks = $440 U.S. Not terribly expensive, but up there. I really want a pair. The bad part is, if you did break them you lost alot of money. But they are Titanium, so they should be pretty strong. And from the few reviews I saw it was nothing but good. They appear to be thick enouph to take abuse without snapping like some other Ti cranks have in the past.

Here’s the real website. Go to cranks and you’ll see them.


Eastern Cranks.jpg

except they only come in 165mm +

that’s true, it’d be more for Muni I guess. But they are still lighter than any other unicycle hub out, and Ive heard they are the lightest, strongest cranks avaliable in the BMX world.

FSA makes a profiel combatable spindle that retails for about $100, so you would lose some weight off your hub if you wanted to.

Yeah, I saw that. Profile Makes a Ti spindle too, but easternbikes makes cranks and a spindle out of Titanium. So might a well go for the combo eh?

could you lace a wheel to that hub? It looks like it does’nt even have flanges.(Correct me if that was stupid):o

it’s for a bmx bike. it’s not supposed to connect directly to the wheel like a unicycle.

could you use any profile crank with the correct spline on the profile hubs that are used on a unicycle…or even take the spindle out of the hub and replace it to fit and different pair of cranks for profile cranks…cause profile makes some lighter spindles for their hubs…

Are there any other 48 spline Ti cranksets that come in 145mm?

ummm…profile makes some 175mm cranks with a TI spindle…
Its hard to find good cranks that light in the 145mm and lower size…most cranks arent made that small because they are made for bmx and cranks that small are used by kids who are really small…

If you use the spindle that come with them surely it needs some kind of machining to make it fit inside the profile hub?

Ah yeah, it’s obvious you’d need a hub. The axle and cranks are whats good on it. That axle slides into a profile hub.

Yeah, everything you see obove is supposed to fit profile’s stuff. If you want to use these Ti cranks with your old profile axle/hub, then you can. If you want to take out your current steel axle from your profile hub and put this Ti axle in it, you can. Or if you want to change your profile steel axle out with this one, and use your steel profile cranks on it, you can. Or you can replace everything out of your profile hub and get these Titanium cranks and axle.

Make sense? Everything should switch out with the 48 spline profile setup.

Danni, I dont think so. I havn’t found any 145mm Ti stuff.

Wouldn’t you need to custom make a spindle for the Profile hub?

I mean, a bike spindle probably isn’t the same length as a unicycle axle.

You would also have to make the axle a key, because it would just spin freely in the hub if you didn’t.

So basically what I’m trying to say is, you have to custom make a Ti axle for a Profile unicycle hub.

I know there’s 2 different lengths you can buy this axle, but I dont remember what they were. But Im pretty darn sure it’s the same as “our” profile axle length. If it didn’t work, Profile has a titanium spindle that would work anyway if you wanted to change it out. Im also pretty sure both of the spindles (Eastern Bikes, and The Profile Ti spindle) have that key slot in them.If you look at the above picture it has to have a slot in it anyway for that bike hub piece to fit on without slipping. The pictures just dont it. Ive read reviews, and they all say the Eastern Bikes 48 spline stuff above all fits with profiles stuff. It should all work.

Or it could be pressed on.

That metal piece around the spindle doesn’t really have to turn, if it’s pressed on it’s fine.

that’s true. but I think you are right about the spindle length. Ive looked at other Titanium spindles, and they either come in 5-3/4 or 6" lengths. Our unicycle spindles are like 6-7/8". So I take back what I said. I dont think these Titanium spindles will work in “our” profile hubs, but the cranks should still work.

Yes! back in early 2002

Yeah, because titanium is strong… just on principle? Companies profit like mad off of bikers because none of them know squat about what they’re buying. Unicyclists are the same. Here are some hard numbers from the back of my Engineering Mechanics textbook: Ultimate tensile strength of titanium, annealed: 155 ksi. Elastic tensile strength of titanium: 135 ksi. For comparison, here are the same stats for 18-8 cold rolled stainless steel, 190 ksi and 165 ksi, respectively. The modulus of elasticity for titanium is 14000 ksi, while the 18-8 stainless is 28000 ksi. My point is that titanium is NOT strong on principle, and you would be a fool to make the inference that you made.

Titanium, per unit volume of material, is significantly weaker than many steels and other materials. A strong “looking” crank does not make it actually strong (what if it’s only 1/64" thick walls?). One problem with titanium is that it is less than 1/2 as rigid as the same volume of steel, so it will flex and fatigue faster than steels.

Whatever though. If you want to blow $500 on some PARTS for your unicycle, by all means do. I can see about 200 things that would bring more enjoyment to my life than that for less money. You need to remember, you are in this sport for ENJOYMENT, not the highest hops or fastest rides. Would 2-lb lighter cranks actually make riding that much more fun for you? I’d rather blow that money on 10 trips to Northstar or 3 trips to Moab.

My point is, if your unicycle works, close the freakin’ web-store pages and go out and ride. If not, get it working and then spend your hard-earned cash on something more worthwhile.