47", 28", 24" and 20" ultimate wheels - riding and tricks

An ultimate wheel is fun at any size :slight_smile:

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Mighty impressive riding, enjoyed the video. How many years did it take to become that proficient?


I love this video, and another ultimate wheel one one that YouTube threw up that I think was yours too. Positively poetic!

Awesome riding!!

Many thanks for your comments!

I started riding seatless on December 2014 when I bought a Qu-Ax 28" wheel.

Very Nice !! You ride the 47" so smooth and graceful that it makes the smaller ones look like jerky little kids toys. More video on the 47…thank you.


You have incredible skills.
My knees hurt just watching the video.
Do you prefer uw over unicycle now that you master the stuff whatever the wheel size?
The 47 with a fork and a seat would be a very cool unicycle.
Must feel about the same as my g30 in high gear in term of speed but with a much higher point of view.

Many thanks for your comments! I tried to reply earlier but for some reason my message didn’t come through.

I started riding seatless on December 2014 when I bought a Qu-Ax 28" wheel.

I also own a 26" Nimbus Oracle and an Impact Reagent, but I ride these very rarely nowadays. This fall I did just one ride with Nimbus (10 km) and did some still stands with Impact. Big wheel with a seat would be great for long distance riding, maybe some day…

We have lots of new snow at the moment, I have to test how 47er uw rides in it :slight_smile:

I want to see that.

You are going to see that… Today I filmed some downhill riding in snow using 47" wheel :smiley: