45" uni vs ...

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>In my humble opinion, a 24" wheel is good for anything under 2km or so. beyond
>that, I prefer a larger wheel. This does not mean I wouldn’t be willing to use
>my trusty 24" or even 20" for longer rides if they were the only ones
>available, just that they’re too small for that purpose otherwise. I ride on
>mountain trails, several miles and more. I’m about to build myself a 26" MUni
>and see how it works out. I also have been riding a 45" big wheel since 1982,
>so I’m familiar with various wheel sizes. If you intend on doing a variety of
>riding, both short and long distances, a 24" is good. If you plan on only long
>rides, you should go to the extra trouble to buy or build a larger wheel. Stay
>on Top, John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone unifoss@calweb.com

How do you find the 45" on hills and such; or is it better on flattish terrain?
How easy was it to ride? How would you comare the 45 with, say a 28, for riding
in mixed flat, shallow hill, steep hill terrain? Thanks.

~Leander overfall@ixl.net