45 stairs in less than 15 seconds!

comment please

I hope this is a parody…

Oh yeah! I did this because I though it would be funny :slight_smile:

I thought you were going to hop up them. That would actually be mighty impressive in 15 seconds.

That would also be awesome!!! I will have to start training :sunglasses:

In this video he has such a great balance on his weight.I really like his riding of unicycle.How you learn it i want to ask form him.

The best way to learn would be to start on easy and not steep stairs. then when you get to a long set like this you start with just the first 3 stairs then 6 keep going up till you’ve got the whole thing down. It’s really simple just have to get the courage to try it!

yeah, try hopping up the stairs! That would be pretty cool. :astonished: