45 pedals today:) But...Ouch...

Inner thighs and…well…you know:D Maybe it’s the seat? :thinking:


I don’t really understand your post.

Maybe you have the seat too low or too high. :thinking: :smiley:

I think GilbertGrape means that the pain is coming from the inner thighs and so forth. Maybe because the seat is lower/higher then it should be. Unless you’re just starting to learn how to unicycle. Which in that case, it’s natural to feel these pains. I know i did but you eventually get used to it. :smiley: :smiley:

Wear bke shorts and tuck the boys up out of the way. The bke shorts will help hold them up there.

or if you don’t have bike shorts, double layer of regular shorts.:wink:

i know what you mean, but your thighs will toughen up nad won’t get sore after a week or so of regular riding.:smiley:

if your first learning its going to take a while before you get used to it or just go buy an air seat if its that bad…bike shorts didnt help me

Do you have a good seat ?

I’m using a nimbus gel seat. I position a half gallon of ice tea in the middle of my riding area, so I can get off every 10 minutes or so and have a sip. If I’m to far from a planned stop, I get off and walk a few hundred feet. I can only go about 15 minutes max before it’s to sore to be fun. I ride happy all afternoon, taking little breaks.
Unless you have a real crappy seat, there is maybe not a lot you can do. I have a KH air seat, but it’s fussier to set up , the tubes move around. The air seat is at best only slightly better then the gel. Walking gives my knees a break as well.