43 years old and I just ordered a new unicycle!

Hi guys and gals,
I have never ridden a unicycle before but always thought it might be fun.
I have back problems and thought it might be good excersize… I guess I didn’t think about the falling!

Well I was going to buy a cheap used one but after I found this site and reading some of your advise I ended up ordering a 2009 Torker lx for $130.00

I ordered a 20" model.

I should get it in 3 days!

I think I might be entering a midlife crises. SP?

Am I nutz?


Can you post a link to the cycle?
I’m looking at the same one only it says 2008 model. I’m not sure if it’s the same one or if i’m searching wrong.

And hey, at least you didn’t spend like 50g’s on a viper or something.

excellent! uni is the BEST mid life crisis :slight_smile:

Yes, stockstinks you are probably nutz: soon you will also be a unicyclist!:smiley:

I started my midlife crisis early. First was rollerskating bowls. Then I broke my arm and now its also been the uni and bmx dirt jumping. Just trying to get in some fun before things start to break down. ANd the uni I figure will stay until I’m 6 feet under. :smiley:

Here is the link

The guy told me this is a 2009 model

Here is the link. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=270414930294

I hope this works.


This place has them for about 115 $. I wouldn’t get to hung up about getting an 09, there is likely no or almost no difference between the years. Buying unis isn’t like buying electronics, the square drive hub the lx uses has been around for a while.


I would recommend buying 9/16 " Odessey twisted pc pedals (vast improvement and only 13 $) , and wrist wraps. I don’t usually wear the wrist wraps riding the 20 because my seat is low and I don’t palm plant often. Wrist wraps are a fingerless thing that braces your wrists and puts a plastic skid on your palm. Starting out, there is a very high likelihood you will land on your palms.

Then find a long wall or fence with smooth pavement and don’t try to ride. Sit on it and use the wall to balance and learn to pedal smoothly, dragging your hand along the wall for balance.

By my second day I could ride not holding the wall a bit, and was soon trucking down the street. For your first day, just getting used to sitting on the thing and pedaling will seem weird, it is not very bike like.

Don’t worry if you get all pumped up and tired. Most of that is muscle tension from inexperience and it will just go away with practice.

also, what cheap protection should I buy and wear?

Bike helmet and skateboard/rollerblade wristguards - available from any sporting goods store.

I second the suggestion to buy Odyssey twisted PC plastic pedals. Later when you start whacking your shins with the pedals too much (likely when you start learning to free mount), then you can add KH or 661 leg armor (full length shin guards).

While learning to ride, wrist guards can be handy though not necessary. Personal choice of course, but that’s all I’d suggest initially.

IMO you’re far more likely to hurt yourself once you can ride and start trying to do other things, at which time other safety gear may be appropriate.

Torker LX 20" is a good choice for a learner uni!

You don’t need anything except the wrist wraps

Because you can brutalize your palms wearing wrist wraps, you don’t need to worry about your legs. Because you aren’t afraid to grind your palms hard into the road, it is easy to keep the knees and elbows up and safe at the speeds you will be going.

It is super hot in South Florida right now. It is always better to wear as much protective gear as you can I suppose. I have 661 leg gear that I can only wear in winter. Today I rode backwards into a coconut husk on my 19, and somehow the twisted pc pedal totally smashed my front shin. I just kept riding because I think bleeding is cleaning the wound and it hurts only if I notice it. For me the answer is to ride in a wet shirt and bike shorts, because of the heat. I use plastic pedals because metal pins make worse cuts than plastic IMHO.

I am sure that if I get to the point where I am trying real hopping trials stuff, I will have to wear the leg armor. For now, living with the monthly plastic pedal scratch is worth not having to wear the hot 661 leg stuff. I’m not doing dangerous stuff because I still have a lot of basic safe stuff to learn.

Todd I started at 42 not far off you.It gave new meaning to Monty Pythons answer of 42 “life the universe and everything”:slight_smile:

I was wondering about the back problem you refer to. I guess it’s not something really major? I agree with everthing said by others but thought I would just add this precaution.

For most of the years you would be right. The 09 Torker, though has some substantial features.


As for my back problems, I have a disk at l4 that presses on a nerve and hurts most of the time. I am thinking that the twisting and ballancing might help.

Congratulations on starting early. I did not start until I was 50.

I think the only difference in the 09 LX is that it’s available in a new color as well as time honored black.

I started last year at 40. You are in for a treat. The feeling you have when you can finally ride more than a couple of feet is amazing. I can only imagine that it’s the same sensation I had when I learned how to ride a bike, but my long term memory hasn’t kicked in yet so I’ll have to wait to find out.

For safety gear I recommend soccer shin guards. I have a pair that have a stirrup around the heel that holds ankle pads in place, and a Velcro strap that go around the leg. After seeing how thrashed they got I think it’s a good five dollar investment. The wrist protection is a good idea too, but to be honest when I was just learning I landed on my feet every time I fell. It wasn’t until I started riding MUni that I took some digger’s. Now I have 661 4x4’s for my legs, and Hillbilly half finger wrist guards.

I’m 51 and have had lingering back problems for years and unicycling has made my back pain free for the first time in years. In the early days of learning the jolts from falling would hurt a but, but nothing I couldn’t live with, in other words I got right back on with no ill effects.

You can’t beat unicycling for a midlife crisis. I started at 49 but I’m not very athletically inclined so it took me months of stubborn persistance to learn. I can actually say I learned to ride at 50.

I found a tennis court that was never, ever used for tennis and I’d hang on to the fence and pedal back and forth until I finally got the feel for it. I wear a helmet and wrist guards every time I ride. I also tuck in my shoelaces so they don’t get caught. Instant faceplant if they do (speaking from experience).

Don’t worry about the falls. They only last a few seconds. :smiley:

Good going on not buying a cheap uni. As for safety gear, I absolutely recommend wristwraps and helmet.

Other stuff is optional depending upon your confindence, reaction time, physical shape, etc.

If you are really concerned about scrapes, I’d recommend skater wrist guards that also protect your palms and wrists, kneepads, and maybe even elbow pads.

As you getter better and better at riding… and falling, you’ll see that a lot of this is overkill and can start to ride without some of it.

Happy riding!