43" Unicycle

There was a rider in Ride the Lobster with a 43" unicycle. Anyone have any info on that unicycle? Was it custom made? What parts did he use? What length cranks? So on.


Well, there was one there, but I forget who’s it was. All I really remember about it was that the tire was not pneumatic, but instead made of solid rubber (wheelchair style). I think the rider was on the Puget Sounders, but I could be wrong.

That was Joe Myers, from Puget Saunders (sp?), although I don’t think he actually raced it. It was very similar looking to one that was bought on eBay a couple of weeks ago (Edit: This one 40 In unicycle although this is a 40") and posted about on here recently, but I don’t know any more details than that.


Update: Yes, he did ride it in the race;


Greetings from North Dakota! Here’s where you can purchase a 43" unicycle:

I have a friend who showed me a 43" uni with air tire

He bought it in Japan over 20 years ago. It had a frame made from pressed strips of metal, and a rickshaw tire.

You rotten swine! Now I want one. What’s US$600 these days? About 20 quid?