42mm ISIS Bearings in stamped housings

I know I read this somewhere here before but the search box is being funky for me right now.

Has anyone had an ISIS hub in a frame with stamped bearing holders long term? Any issues with bearing life?

Seems like I remember someone saying that the larger bearings actually fit better?


I ran a ISIS wheel in my old Yuni frame with stamped bearing holders for over 2 years with no issues whatsoever, In fact they fit better than 40mm bearings… :wink:

Also the google search seems broken, but the search in the drop-down box appears to be working.

I have this setup on my steel frame muni. Never had any issues within the last 3 or 4 years since i have this muni.

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I have a similar experiance as Eric P. I ran 42mm bearings in stamped holders for years.

Currently i have a Qu-Ax 36 frame with stamped holders, and a cotterless 40mm hub. I didn’t like the fit, so I’m running it with shims to 42mm. Much better.

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