40mm KH bearings... Read in

So I’ve read various threads through and through, PM’d a few 40mm collared double bearing users, still wanting to get an updated lowdown on these, and if they truly work well or not.

I’m after the following please!:

  1. A photo of the 40mm bearings mounted onto an ISIS hub/wheel. Anyone mind doing that for me please?
  2. Spacers-- As per the picture of the 40mm bearings on the KH site, what are these replacing? The spacers between the bearing and the centre of the hub, or a crank-stop spacr?
  3. Anyone else experiencing rubber-shield rub on the spacers like Tholub did? I hear the inner bearing races are so small and thin that the spacers overlap them and just press against the rubber side shields… causing a problem in the system
  4. Do the small double bearings themselves work themselves loose within the aluminium shim/collar over time?
  5. Are the 40mm bearings a slide-on, slide-off system on the ISIS spindle? Or is it fixated on the spindle and needs force to remove like on the Koxx ISIS hubs?
  6. Any other problems/issues/queries?

Thanks in advance!

Someone must know?