40mm bearings in a koxx frame?

hi all

i’ve had my Profile wheel for a long time now, and just recently snapped my Yuni frame on the Whistler trails during some jumping.

I am gonna buy a koxx devil frame as a replcaement. I read on the koxx site that all their frames take 40/42mm bearings, so does this mean that the devil frame can defintiely take Profile’s 40mm bearings with no problems? I read on UDC US that you can get shims for 40mm bearings to convert it into 42mm, is this only crucial for frames that can purely ONLY take 42mm?

Just wondering if its possible or is koxx just lying? yeah people mite say ‘whats the worst that can happen’, but if the bearing housings really cant take 40mm because its the tiniest bit too small it can cause big problems and totally mess the uni up cos there is wobble or irregular fitting.

any help’d be great thanks.


i did this to my orange bud and something felt wierd, but i didnt know that i needed the spacers till after my dad told me…
id say go for it…