400mm post

I am currently interested in buying the torker dx Muni but am not sure about the post length. ive heard that 400mm is for poeple over 6’4. I am about 6’. dont want to order it then not be able to use it.


the key is a hack-saw… we were told, if the seats too long then cut an inch or 2 off the seatpost… with a hacksaw, pretty easy…
do not fold it in or anything, just cut it, because it could flange out if u fold it

It always better to get a seatpost to long then one to short. With a long one you can cut them down with a pipe cutter or hacksaw and file. Although if your seatpost is to short, you cant make it longer.

yeah if it’s too long a pipe cutter is the better method for shortening but a hack saw should work fine too.

yeah thats what i do…when i buy a uni i get the longest seatpost i can with it then just cut it.

Just make sure that after you have cut the tube, you file both the outside AND the inside of the tube to get rid of burs. I know you are probably going to have a very strong seatpost clamp but just incase something happens its always a good idea to make sure that it wont hurt your tire.

Also the best thing to cut them with is a reciprocating saw! Chopped mine in about three seconds.

i acttually prefere the pipe cutter…i find it more precise.

I use my teeth