40 " Tommy Miller Big Wheel

Beautiful 40" Big Wheel in very good condition. I just had a brand new tire put on it and have hardly ridden it. $450 OBO. Can ship to you in the U.S. or deliver to you at NUACC this summer in Bloomington, MN.

R. Eells
Des Moines, IA

Is it really only 40"?

It looks a LOT bigger than a 36"

Yeah, it’s gotta be at least 52"!

New wheel

Is it wired or a glued splice? Did you do it or have some one else do it for you? I have a 50 inch that I need to have retyred some day.

My 40"

It may look bigger but I remeasured and it is a 40 diameter wheel.

The new tire was put on in Alamda, CA by a company that mainly makes pennyfarthings. It cost quite a bit to ship it out there and have the wheel redone, but I had no choice as far as I could see. I believe it is wired.

Bungeejoe, I’m sure I can get the name in Alameda for you if you like.

Rob Eells

So there is another rider in Des Moines.

that is a monster! Where do you ride?

it looks like 48" to me really thin tyre too. lol its huge
if i had that uni i would put 102 mm cranks and super grippy pedals on it. lol i would go fast lol. i keep saying lol :roll_eyes: