40", 42" or 43"

Im looking for a wheel (rim, tyre, tube) in size around 40", 42" or 43". Does anyone know where i can buy them or does anyone have one of these for sale?

I live in sweden, so this is where I will have them shipped.
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As far as I know the largest pneumatic tire is 36". If you want to go larger than that you will be on a solid rubber tire. You might call UDC.UK to see if they have any Penny-Farthing rims to sell. You would still need to fit it with a tire. It’s a cool process, and it seems like you could rig up a temporary setup for mounting a tire rather than tracking down the tool made for it.

This place makes and sells Pennyfarthing bicycles and components: http://www.hiwheel.com/

UDC USA’s rims run 48-55" in inch increments. Maybe they have smaller ones elsewhere.

There’s a unicycle factory in Kokomo, Indiana, that would probably make you a large wheel.

There was some German website I saw once that had 48" unicycles for sale, but I couldn’t find it just now. For shipping, that would obviously be more convenient for you than Indiana, but from what you say, 48 is too big. I also read somewhere that unicycles up to 36" are faster and faster, but that after that, the weight of the wheel starts to cancel any advantage you might gain from the larger diameter.

Some people on this forum have reported making their own 32" tires by cutting and pasting. Just FYI.

Hello, thank you for all the answers.

I’ve talked to unicycle.com, but they just seem to have 36"(too small) or 48"(too big). They can actually make custom rims in my size but they won’t be ready until the end of February or beginning of Mars.

In case you wonder, this wheel is for my masters dissertation, and I need it so bad that I’m actually thinking about building my own, (which I believe is very hard. Any tips?).

have a look here (they are in Vienna)