4 Unis -28", 36", Schlumpf, 6'

Silver 28" Road Uni - $100
Was ridden in the unicycle across Minnesota in 1999. Has a long seat post but it can be cut down.

Custom Built Coker - $400
Built in 2002 and is the first (or at least one of the first) custom Cokers. The frame has a ‘rough’ chrome finish except for the numbers down the side (‘3.14159…’) which are a smooth chrome finish. The unicycle has well over 10,000km on it and seen quite a few countries. It has been rebuilt several times and recently has a refurbished wheel with airfoil rim. Comes with a handle and brake. It has a Isuzu square tapered hub with 125mm IDOL cranks currently on it. Willing to throw in other sized cranks to sweeten the deal.
Photo of the frame

Schlumpf 29" - $1000
2006 model and has very few miles. Great for distance riding.
Photo Close up

6’ Tom Miller Green take apart - $500
Tom Miller take apart. Comes apart just above the sprocket for easy fitting into a car. Very solid unicycle.

We are located in Minnesota, USA and willing to ship to USA. Buyer pays for shipping.

I would be interested in the Schlumpf. Is it one of the early model Schlumpf geared hubs with the Schlumpf frame?

What size cranks does it have? I assume it is a cotterless crank setup. Does it use 40 mm bearings?

How much would shipping be to zipcode 92617?

Thank you for the information.


PM sent.

Hi Scott,

It is an early model, although I am not sure how many came before it. I got it in 2006. Please send me an email at: igenelin@gmail.com to discuss this further.

Hi Dave,
Please send me an email as well at: igenelin@gmail.com. I can’t seem to log into my unicyclist.com account to check your PM.


HI Dave,

Please email me at: igenelin@gmail.com


Why are you selling all these excellent unis, Irene? Injuries? Moving on to some other sport?

Still available:
Trick Cycle - a unicycle with an extra wheel in the front. It looks like a bicycle, but rides like a uni with extra wheel. $150

Andy and I are selling these unis as we are becoming organic vegetable and fruit farmers and are moving away from unicycling. We still have a 36" uni each, and plenty of others in our collection (Trials, MUnis, Artistic unis, 29") and plan on always unicycling in one form or another.

If anyone is interested in the 6’, 28", or trick cycle, let me know.