4 tricks in 40 seconds

This is just a couple of tricks i shot in front of my house last night. Nothing special really. But if you like big leg extensions you should have a look :wink:

that was pretty smurfin’ cool

really cool guy!!:wink: :wink:

thanks guys :slight_smile:

I liked that big crankflip :sunglasses:

pretty big tricks…i like the crank spin.

Damn man, ya def got great form, and there should be more lil vids like that it was nice bro keep it up!


Like I said with the premiere on MSN, nice crankflip dude, realy stylisch :sunglasses:

Peter M

stop flattering me

Howd you get that sweet smilie???

man! what a huge flip!!

i like the way you do crankflips , very clean and bring the uni up big and make it look awsome! Mine or low and sketchy:) ahah

ya i didnt know they made street punks in sweeden

Are you calling me a street punk?
If you are, iis that a good or a bad thing? :thinking: