4 tires: Try All, CC, Kikzumbut, Offroad

selling 4 tires, 2 trials and 2 20" you pay shipping, pay via paypal

try all black, It’s on my old uni but I haven’t used it since i got my new one BRAND NEW condition, asking for 40$

Maxxis Creepy Crawler, used it for about 2 weeks before I got a white try all. I never did anything extreme, couldn’t even jump two stairs when I had it. Asking for 20$ New, Full tread

Kenda kikzumbut, used for about 2 months while learning to ride. Never used it in bad conditions, only on pavement. Good condition tire. Asking for 5$ wheelset is 20$ cotterless if you want it.

Finally a no name 20" offroad tire. Good for the little kids who love muni! great condition, 5$

would the wheelset come with bearings as well? if so Im definitely interested! know what type of rim it is? double walled?

He’s selling the tires, not the wheel.


Oh, sorry, I only read the Trials part, it was the only part I might have been intersted in:p

It comes with 40mm bearings and is not double walled (sorry!) if you buy the wheel I’ll throw in some 114 mm cranks too!

Pm sent.

wheelset and kikzumbut are being sold, other 3 still very available!

Will you take a check for the Maxxis?

Creepy crawler still available? If so I’m def interested and can pay paypal today for it.