4 street and trials questions


1.) i have a crap problem with my rolling hops, i always want to pre-hop before getting onto an object. this probably isnt ok, but each time i try not to i do it anyway.

2.) is pre-hop really necessary for hops lower than 2ft?

3.) how can i be stronger with my seat-out hopping. i can seat-out hop just fine, but once i get onto the object i sort of lose it.

4.) whats the key to the second part of a crank or pedal grab(jumping up to the object from the pedal or crank) i notice in all the videos, everybody does it the same, they land on their pedal, and their cranks get almost to about 70 degrees when jumping from a pedal grab. i tried this and when i get on the object, my pedals are straight up and down.

help me…

Re: 4 street and trials questions

  1. If you prehop then your rollign hops are not right, at all. No offense meant, but you shouldn’t ever prehop on a rolling hop.

  2. Thats up to you. I don’t prehop on anything less than 30", most of the time. But 8 months ago I wouldn’t prehop on anything under 24". It’s really up to you. Some people prehop on everything.

  3. Just practice.

  4. Just practice and do a forum search. I’ve written up how to pedal/crankgrab more times than I wish to remember.

  1. Check out Andrew’s site for some really good tutorials on how to pedal grab.

Practice practice practice! I also used to pre-hop on roling hops its just a bad habbit thats all just roling hop on to some really low stuff first to get used to not actually pre hoping then that should break that. As for pedal grabs learn crank grab first then basically i learned by just treating the pedal grab no different to a crank it worked. Pre hops up to you really if you can hop 98cm like ryan you probli will not have to pre hop any thing up to like 60cm maybe i dnno its just a personal thing. Its a good idea to hop with out them sometimes as it will improve your seat out technique me thinks. I am outa touch with my riding though gotta get my trials going again!

you kinda have to start all over. just practice everything seat out. first go up stairs one at a time, even if you know you can jump much higher. also, practice just hopping in place until you feel really comfortable seat out. then increase your height slowly and soon you will be a pro.

muniracer - I am just now starting to work on some seat out hopping and I like the sound of your advice. You’ve brought it down to a few tips that are simple to start. I find your advice encouraging in its simplicity. Simple is good! Thanks.


crank climbs.
If you have your seat set up high like for freestyle then you have to jump with the seat out in front. if you have the seat set low than you can do it with the seat in. First practice stalling on your cranks and balance then jump of once you got the feel for that then you start to practice hoping from the cranks to the wheel, make sure yoou jump enough to the side so you dont land on the cranks again. for riding away you shoul practice squats and squat riding.

haha. my freind let me borrow his onza for 4 hours, and now ive had it for 3 days! yayy. and i can sucessfully crank grab 100% up a picnic table. and i can seat out hop onto a picnic table (to bench to top) on rubber. and i havent even touched a trials uni before or even attempted a crank grab, and it all took me like 4 hours. so i dont plan on giving it back until he comes and takes it. ha ha