4 stairs!!

This weekend i got a pair of knee pads and a pair of wrist guards for my birthday, and with that new found confidence from my safety gear, i took on a set of four steps on my back porch. I almost did it once, but most of the time i fall on my butt. So tonight I’ll have to get back out there and try some more. In other news my hopping is coming along good, i can hop on this platform i have and then hop off of it. Does anyone have any tips on how to get a little extra height in my hops??

If your hopping these 4 stairs on a torker unistar, then think twice before doing it. Make sure you have a good landing, because I hopped four stairs on my unistar, and bam! I tacoed the wheel. If you don’t care about breaking your unistar in the near future, then go for it! (I didn’t bend it because I weighed a lot either, I only weigh 120)

Sorry, i should have worded it better, im not trying to hop up the stairs but im trying to ride down them

Stairs are scary to ride down. I’m certainly not a pro or all that good at going down stairs, but I think that the important thing to remember is to ride steadily. You have a tendency to kind of stop pedaling and jerk around. you have to treat it like flat terain. once again I’m not sure and somebody correct me if I am wrong, this is just what I have gathered from my own experience.

The most I have rode down was about 8 (that was on a Black Torker). Once I got over the 4 barrier, 8 was no problem. In addition to the ride steady advice, I’ll throw in:
Go down straight, not at an angle
And pull up slightly on the handle, if you have one
This will help you to retain control of the cycle.

And remember, it’s all for fun!

I know the self adulation that comes with hopping to the top of a small set of stairs. I did it today. What a RUSH!

At least for me, hopping happens easier when you are “connected” to the UNi. You work on moving with it not against it.

I micro hopped up to the lowest step, hopped up and micro hopped to get my balance and then hopped up again. I continued this until I was at the top and rode away.

First, I think you need to succeed at hopping up onto a curb with ease. Then move on to the stairs. If you hop onto a curb that has a lawn median between the sidewalk and the curb, this is nice to fall onto if you bite it. Practice hopping up, balance and then hop down again or on to the grass median.

I hopped up five stairs last night (a personal record) on a torker unistar

I think you all are misunderstanding me also. I hopped, down and over, the four steps. I tacoed it while hopping down over the four steps, not while hopping up them. I don’t think hopping up anything would ever hurt your rim.

And listen to Ender’s advice. He is a riding down stairs master!

Sorry for being a big-head

Sorry for being a big-head but I am 15 and I find about 5 or 6 steps a doddle to ride down it just takes a lot of practice.

If you R 1 of the people who loves Unicycles like anything else in the world it just takes time!!!

I found the four stair barrier as well. On three stairs, it feels like almot one pedal rev (on my 24 with 170’s anyway) and i sort of slide down the last step. On more than three, I actually have to do more than one rev…making it a bit harder, but, as mr big head (jking) said above, practice makes perfect…