4 stair handrail

i did my first hand rail today. this is the second successful attempt (bail then 2 grinds in a row)


Very nice!

Not much of a slide, but I shouldn’t ask for that as your first rail… You are improving so fast.

Sweet. Grinding is pure street.

I was grinding handrails before I got flips lol.

very nice. it almost looked like you literally bounced off the rail:D
so did you start with an inclined rail or did you just go for it?

thats awesome, i need to start working on grinds. Good job

Thats what i like to see keep it up

Dude, what is your frame?

Nimbus Round crown frame
I got it for $10 (us dollars)

edit: (surfer1024 on my friends account)

Yeah! Show that church whos boss!

Hell yeah :smiley:

If you haven’t noticed, almost all my videos have a clip of doing something there. Its across the street and theres a 1, 2, 3, and 4 set there so thats where I practice street at the most. My dad’s also the pastor there too lol.

Haha, excellent. Does he know you are grinding the rails? I’m surprised he hasn’t told you to knock it off yet.

nope i showed him the clip and he said I can do it as long as its not ruining it. its already scratched up anyway.

(surfer1024 on xcrevs account