4-minute mile again

I rode a sub-four minute mile again today. It came at the end of a long
and fast ride on a somewhat uneven bikepath, so I wonder what speed I
could maintain on a straight or even curved track, esp. if I hadn’t just
been riding nearly that same pace for 5 miles. I noticed that some bikers
will pass me and then stay just a few yards ahead (others, of course,
zoomo past and keep on zooming). I tend to pass them later on in the ride,
and they are always a great inspiration for me bc i try hard to keep up
with them.

I also registered a max speed of 18.2 mph, tho I doubt I kept that up for
too long. It is interesting how much faster you can go on flat ground than
on a down hill – the fear factor, I guess.

In honor of the sub-4s, I have finally got a good name for my Coker:
Roger, after Roger Bannister, the first man to run a sub-4.

Imagine keeping up that pace on foot!

And imagine keeping up a pace of nearly 13mph for 26 miles…That’s what
top marathoners have to do!