4 bored guys with a camera

So it sounds pretty dirty but it’s basically the story of my new video. Some friends of mine and myself finally got a decent day, I say decent because it was snowing all morning and was freakishly cold, so we got together after school today and made a video.

Anyway its called the four turds because we pretty much spent most of our time acting like a bunch of morons with a bit of filming in between.

Here is the song meant for it and there is another I just slapped a song into it so I could send it to my friends who helped me make it.


Bonus points go to whoever can name the song or who it’s by. (Actually I just forgot to write that in the video.)

I think it’s a good improvement from the last video. Same jpeg cuts but at least they look better and I didn’t fill half the video with pictures.

Good times, good friends, looks like a perfect day to me. Fun video guys.

Just so you guys know, you can hop standing on the pedals. You don’t need to stand on the cranks.

hah yeah i know you can but i cant do any high hops yet or seat out hops on the pedals yet, i’m getting there though i learned how to hop on the pedals about a week ago so hopefully height will come soon.

thanks for watching