3rd week progress

Ive been able to fmount for about a week but could never get that 1st
stroke going.Minutes ago ,after 3x a day practice for weeks I fmounted
and rode 30 or so feet.Because it all starts from the 12-6 dead peddle
position it takes a forward lean and 2 good ,fast strokes to get it
going out of the fmount.I still start from the wall or a car mostly
just to get more ride time.I can ride up to 50 ft. and i’m starting to
turn alittle.I even got up on the 24in. 1 time and rode away.The 20in.
is easier to ride but not as smooth as the 24in.I’m still amazed how
quickly my legs tire given I’m a serious biker who rides road,tandem
and fixed.I try to idle,fmount,and ride both unis every time I
I’m 48 and I just cant wait,
to get up on that wheel.
:slight_smile: :roll_eyes:



It’s surprising how little actually carries over from bicycling to unicycling. I thought with my many, many years of cycling experience, I’d be able to hop on a uni and ride away, but a uni is a totally different animal :wink:
As you ride more and learn to relax and put more weight on the saddle, you will be able to ride longer periods of time before your legs tire

Hi cheechee, I’m at about the same level you are, and also about 4 weeks into my learning curve. I threw caution to the winds and spent whole days attempting to freemount, and can now do about 50 feet after fmounting.
I find it easier to do the quarter turn back before starting off. I’m beginning to think that my seat is not high enough though (it’s as high as it will go). Also, the tops of my inner thighs are chaffed to bits! (unnecessary detail I know…)
My next aim is to ride until I feel like stopping, rather than when something thwrows me off, and turn at will. Then I’ll try idling and maybe have a look at a 24".
Keep us up to date with your progress!

Re: 3rd week progress

I think you should put more time into your method of freemounting because when I freemount, I end up with my pedals 3-9.

Instead of standing on one pedal until it’s at the bottom, practice stepping onto one pedal with a slight weight transfer so it actually stays in that same place until u have your other foot on the other pedal.

It may seem hard and as if you have to be really quick but with practice you’ll find that you actually have a lot of time to spare when getting your other foot onto the front pedal (I can virtually do a 1footed stillstand with my mounting foot in the “3oclock” position, before I finally put my other foot on the front pedal).

It makes the “starting to go forward” easier!