3rd Annual Unicycle Tour of San Francisco

Last Sunday Sept 11, a dozen unicyclists met in San Francisco at 8am and set out to ride a slightly shortened version of the famous 49 Mile Scenic Drive. The ride is Gary Kanuch’s brainchild and annual birthday celebration as it is done on the weekend closest to his birthday.

I posted details about the route two years ago although we’ve lengthened it a little at the start and finish so it is now about 41 miles. This amazing ride took us to so many interesting and little-known parts of San Francisco, as well as many of the famous tourist spots. Unicycle is a great way to see the sights, but it takes a while. In fact, we left my house at 6:45am and returned about 10:45pm - now that’s a great day.

Stats according to my GPS/Heart Rate/Elevation machine:

Distance 41.5 miles
Climbing 4000’ (actually probably more like 3000’)
Time 10 hours, 8:45 plus lunch, 5:30 actual riding

We have two photo galleries up on Smugmug:

Mine with photos from Geoff, Gary, Mark and myself
Gary’s with the best of his photos

Riding with 12 people was great - we’ll probably have more next year.


great pics as always. what a great ride, i would love to come next year. how about organizing an annual california coker weekend?


Looks like a blast! I was very disappointed to have missed it. I don’t think I got out of bed all day.

Next year for sure!

Wow, what a great ride! It looks like you took in every possible cool place to go in SF. I especially like the shots on Lombard Street…I’ve done it in a beater rental car, but I never would have thought about Cokering it. Now I must!

Nathan, thanks for all the photo captions too. That’s really a nice travelogue of the city.

It was an awesome ride and I’m very happy I was able to participate. I haven’t been in the area long so this was the first time I have seen most of the places we rode. It was also my fist time on the Golden Gate Bridge. Passing fifty or so bikers while doing 16+ MPH on the bridge was a high light of the ride.

Thanks to all who planned, participated, and provided transportation for the ride.


who is gary? (is he on this forum?)
he’s got a SICK green rim on his coker!
that’s an awesome uni gary!

looks like it was an awesome ride guys!

This ride was a TON of fun. Everyone who has a coker in cali must do it next year.



You would have had a bigger tunout if you had advertised it ahead of time. I’m always looking for an excuse to go to SF.

Great pictures, and looks like a great ride. I have never been to SF, and that looks like a fun way to see it.


looks like an awsome ride I just got a new Coker delivered to my home today, only problem is I am in Philly this week and cant wait to get home and ride it.
Try to post something next year for this ride I am only 100 miles away from S.F. and would like to Uni around the town