3rd Annual Trials Competition at Motorama

Application and hotel info is available at http://www.motoramaassoc.com/motor_index.php

Number of competitors in 2003: 13
Number of competitors in 2004: 25
Let’s make this year even bigger!

Additional setup fee of $10 per competitor will be collected at the day of the event. If you attended in 2004 you will understand that this is needed in order to set up a great course. If we don’t spend it all at Home Depot, the remainder will go as a prize to the comp winner.

Kris has some photos of last year’s course at

Post a thread here if you are interested in coming down Friday, 2/18 to help build the course, or if you have any questions:

Joe Merrill


Is the fee for unicycle trials $15 or $30?

I know I can’t make the set up day. Trials comp is still a possibility.

For anyone considering helping with set up, do it. It’s a great way to get to know some more uni riders, you learn a lot about setting up a competition and the trials stuff. I helped with set up last year and had as much fun building the course as I did riding it. I know that I can build a harder course than I can ride! :smiley:


so is it just uni trials or is it bike trials too?

It’s uni, bike and motorcycle trials.

For those interested in picking up a copy of TWNR at motorama, I will be sending copies with a Motorama’ist to deliver to you guys there.

the cost is $18us (or $23 can) and I will be only including copies that have been prepaid. (and about 10 extras just in case) At this time, Paypal, checques, or Money Order will be accepted.

please email me to arrange for your copy.

movie notes:

30 min main feature
13 min NYMW feature
13 min (4 songs) extra bonus riding
4 live music videos of theGrassy Knoll &the Magic Bullit (filmed and edited by me)
rider Bio’s

…and some more…

that is so cool. maybe next year will have to make the trip. i also heard this year they are havin some freeride mountain bike stuff set up as well. is anyone on this forum near the lehigh valley area?