3rd Annual Seattle Juggling and Footbag Festival - 2004

The 3rd Annual Seattle Juggling and Footbag Festival is this coming weekend, November 12 - 14. New location at the Ravenna Community Center. Renegade show Friday and Public Show Saturday.

Last Year’s festival was fun. There were several uni riders attending.

More info at this year’s web site.

i’m just curious here
just when (and how) did ‘hacky sack’ become ‘footbag’?
was there a big meeting and nobody woke me up?
can i still vote?

the copyright to the word “hacky sack” is owned by whammo corp. So as not to get lawsuits and such nonsense it has to be called footbag. Which is a load of nonsense really. Everyone knows it as hacky sack, or hack. WHich is far better than footbag. Ah well such is life in a capitalist world.


F#$&in’ whammo copr. G#$dammed lawsuits. It wouldn’t surprise me if Wal-Mart sued this forum for unauthorized use of smiley faces :slight_smile:

PS; sorry about the threadjack. I’d be goin’ to that festival if it was in closer proximity.

ok, that was saptil
i’ll apologise for getting onto the threadjack track first

According to the FAQ at Footbag Worldwide which is run by the International Footbag Players Association, the term footbag predates the sale of the rights to Hacky Sack to Wham-O.

We were also told, by the way, by a footbagger who performed in the show at the PhillyFest juggling convention two years ago, that serious footbaggers prefer that term because hacky sack sounds less like a serious sport. (Sound familiar?)

IMHO footbag sounds a tad pretentious. I’m a fairly avid amateur “footbagger” and definitely prefer the term hacky sack… Ah well, different strokes for different folks.


Yeah, anything-“bag” just rings of “scumbag” or worsethingthanscum-bag.

when i hear of footbag i think of the ancient chinese art of a kick in the nutsack. i’d consider watching footbag as a sport if the competitors got to kick each other between hacks.

i heard about footbag competitions in europe that involved a volleyball-like game played with a 'sack. is there anything to that effect here in the states?

You mean like “Ro Sham Bo”?

it’s called “footbag net” by the powers that be, namely the IFA. and the rules are exactly the same as volley ball except you are using a HACKY SACK and a smaller net. I’m sure that people in America play it too. Although having said that you Americans do odd yhings to perfectly good sports…Look at cricket/baseball, and rugby/american football. The main difference seems to be that when America adopts a sport organ music seems to play a large part.