3rd Annual Belle Isle Muni Weekend (Richmond, VA)

Where: Belle Isle, Richmond, VA
Riding: Technical muni, natural trials (maybe urban trials too)
Friday, Nov. 4:
If people need to come Friday night, call me at (804) 651-6844, or PM me and we’ll work out meeting/riding/sleeping arrangements.
Saturday, Nov. 5:
10:00 AM - Meet at Belle Isle parking lot (directions below), eat bagels.
10:30 AM - Ride Belle Isle
Lunchtime - eat lunch back in parking lot (pb&j, pizza, or something)
Afternoon - urban trials (downtown Richmond or VCU campus), watch Defect or other movies.
Sunday, Nov. 6:
If people need to stay til Sunday, call or PM me; we’ll work it out.

So basically the main event is on Saturday, but if a bunch of people are around Friday or Sunday and have time, we can ride then too.

Here’s somepictures/video from last year’s ride.

Direction’s to Belle Isle (for those who are driving down Saturday morning:

From 95 S:
Take exit 76 B.
Take 1st left onto Leigh St.
Take right at 1st light onto Belvidere.
Go about 8 blocks and turn left on Cary St.
go about 9 blocks and turn right on 5th St.
At end of 5th St. (about a mile or so), turn right on Tredegar St.
Go a 1/4-1/2 mile, parking lot will be on your right.

Here’s a map of the general area.

Helmets required; feel free to bring your own food/snacks and water. I’ll have a bunch of bottled water there, but make sure you have a way of carrying it on the trail (it’s not nice to mooch :angry: ).

Posting your name and when/how long you plan to be here would be awesome. Don’t hesitate with any questions or suggestions.


NIck if you are going how are you geting there and frank do you know aney trains of busses that can get me there for 40ish $

Count me in, definately.
Um…my name is Skippii.

Any chance or going to a skate park, too? Maybe some games? Not that I can play hockey or anything…even without a uni…but still seems like it would be fun…we’ve at least gotta play tag!

unicyclepa - Looks like greyhound will be about $40 each way, Amtrak is about $50-60…maybe you can catch a ride with Nick, hope it works out. I can pick people up from the bus/train station.

Skippii (“Wait a minute…Is that your real name?”:D) - There aren’t any good skateparks nearby, but VCU has a wide open space across the street from my house, so if people are up for it, we could play tag there. Also some great trials spots around there.

Your best bet is to take this bus from philly to DC, then maybe one of the NoVA/Dc guys can pick you up and drive you the rest of the way.

I hope you can make it.

If people need a place to sleep call me at 804-282-1712

And I’d be up for riding on Sunday for anybody who wants to.

I’m 2 hours away, so it would be convienent but not necessary. Both my significant rides I’ve done (Muni w/ PDC and HOW and the first day (65mi) of the MS150) I did with no sleep at all the night before, so I see no reason to change my habbit now. So, lets go terrorize the neighborhoods on Unis on Friday night!


(Do people understand “+1” on this forum, too?)

I will be getting a new uni 4 days before this event.
If you’re all really nice, I’ll let you touch it. :smiley:

I fixed the link above. I thought about the Chinatown bus, but it leaves Philly at 11:45AM, so unless you skip school Friday, it wouldn’t really work. You’d also have to get a metro pass once you got to DC and take it to the last stop in Vienna, which is close to James (whom I’m not sure is coming). But all that round trip would only be about $40.

Skippii - you are bringing the guni, right?

If you bring pedals…I was borrowing some, and had to return them yesterday. :smiley:

I also need a seat for it…Hmm…

But yeah, definately bringing Guni, Freestle, and Muni. And if we’re doing friday night riding, the neon-pimped sun. And if we’re doing tag, the 6’ Giraffe so you won’t be able to tag me. :smiley:

Im pretty sure I am going to go.

sorey guys i dont think i can make it but if aneyone every wants to ride phily im always up for that

I’m gonna try to be there. I have In Laws visiting that week, but I may try to slip over there Saturday. If I come I have extra seats pedals, whatever.

Skippii - I also have a spare seat and pedals

James - awesome. I almost forgot there’s a fairly new trail cut just north of the river. Not super technical, and maybe 2 miles long…I think it’d be perfect for the 29er, but it’s a lot of fun on a 24" as well.

unicyclepa - That sucks, but I understand. We should try and organize something in DC or back at the Philly skatepark.

pdc - Any excuse to get away from the ol’ in-laws, right?:slight_smile: Sorry again I couldn’t ride today, did you and James still bomb the trails?

Looks like it’ll be a pretty local group, but if people still want to come down Friday or leave Sunday, there’s plenty of couches and a shower at the BSU House where I live.

No, James called in sick. So Instead I took my son on a hike up Humpback rock on the Blue Ridge Parkway, without a uni :astonished: Man, it was a pretty day. So really looking forward to doing some trails.

Yeah I wasnt feeling well enough to drive 2 hours and go ride, just sort of stayed in bed and watched tv today. If I go to this I will bring my 29er and trials uni.

i would really like to come to this. i should have my muni complete and running by the time this goes down. its two weeks away. i am excited as i have not been real muni-ing in a while. i would love to take a ride down with someone but if that doesnt work i will probably take the bus. i will try to get others to come with me, but i dont know how strong their commitment is to the uni. i will also need a place to stay friday night and saturday night. any questions? call me at any time at 610 304 0602

Ok, we’re about a week away. Anyone else gonna try and make it down? So far the list is:

Frank Fri/Sat/Sun
Skippii Fri/Sat/Sun
Nick Fri/Sat/Sun
Hunter ?/Sat/Sun
Phil Sat
James ?/Sat/?
Trip ?

Not a large group, but that can be a good thing.

despite the fact that this trip certainly looks like loads of fun, i doubt that i will be able to make it down. school and such…

I’ll be here the whole weekend… Nick- If youre still coming, call me at 804-282-1712 and I can give you a place to stay.

And 1 or 2 of my friends will be riding too.

DK - Awesome!
Trip - You suck! Just kidding, I understand.

Looks like it’s supposed to be sunny and 75 all weekend long.