(3rd and final) TWNR Trailer

Hey everyone, I had a little more time to put together a better trailer than I have before.

The release is scheduled for mid Jan - early Feb 2005

TWNR will have 9 songs in the main feature, at about 30 mins.

There will also be 4 or 5 more songs included as bonus songs, done up like this trailer is…misc clips that weren’t used in the main one, but still good stuff. (each song in the main feature has it’s own theme, as many previous movies had focused on a specific rider)

As much time went into editing the bonus songs as the main ones, so they can be thought of more as an additional short movie, than ‘some extra crap thrown it’

I tried to upload stuff to the gallery to no avail. Gilby has not responded to my request with any ideas. I tried to get into the gallery tonight to make a new gallery. This was the last time I attempt to upload into the gallery. My server is slow (they still have not solved their issues…but I am paid up till Jan) This is the only place I am putting the trailer.

12mb wmv TWNR Trailer

Enjoy, let me know what you think.



Superb. February seems like such a long way off. I want my copy now.

very cool. I like the tank in there, thats cool. it was a butt to download though, took for ever.

Great trailer! I can’t believe I just saw somebody rolling hop onto and ride a tiny rail…incredible. I’ll be counting the days…



What percentage of it is mirrored horizontally? 60? 80? 100???

most of it is mirrored vertically, as my camera was for the most part upside down during filming. I thought this flipped it completely, but the horizontal needs to be flipped as well to get the ‘natural’ shot back. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

it’s now horizontally accurate

I liked the variety and the pace. Well done!