3meter figure-8 on Coker: impossible!

I realized while practicing on tightening my circle on Coker that trying to achieve Level 2 would be impossible since one of the requirement is to make a figure-8 with diameter smaller than 3meters. Due to the big wheel, the smallest circle I could make so far is about 30feet. Argghhh! :frowning:

I expect it’d be possible with practice…but why are you trying to get the skill levels with a coker? why not a normal sized uni?

I could do 3 meter figure 8. But why would you use a coker to pass off skill levels.

I’m sure it’s possible. I saw HardcoreCokerRider make a very smooth, graceful, and effortless U-turn between two obstacles at Ray’s MTB in Cleveland. I’m sure he could have done a figure 8 if he tried. I think I have it on video somewhere, if I can find it (the camera was rolling while he was on his way to ride a skinny or something, but the U-turn caught my eye because he made it look sooooo easy, while I fight the Coker). I don’t know the diameter of that turn, but it was small, and he wasn’t even trying.

And like I said after watching Joe Merrill do tight circles and a pirouette on my Coker – if you want a light, nimble, maneuverable unicycle, then practice!

Yea, HCR definetly could. I was looking around for one of his videos, but couldn’t find it. He does very smooth, tight turns… almost looks like hes spinning.

Whatever happened to Andrew? I miss the guy.