3in. trials tire?

I was wondering if there are any 3" wide trials tires out there. Seems like if there are they would be good except for the heaviness factor.



Yeah I think there are a few, there has been a few threads on this before, search and you should find something about it.

But seriously, there is a Monty 2.9" trials tyre. Not many people have tried it yet. But then if 3" is good why wouldn’t 3.5" be better? You have to draw the line somewhere, other factors come in to play, weight being one of them.

and turning would be weird.



look at unicycle.com uk, it’s on the “big bubba” trials, at least.

Its a 2.7, and a nominal 2.7 at that.


According to the metric sizes (which are often a more reliable way of comparing tires) on the UDC tire chart it is 6mm bigger than the Koxx Try-all tire.

According to google 0.2 inches is 5mm.


Apologies, 2.7" apparently.