3DR Solo The Smart Drone -like new $200 + S/H

I got a drone last summer for my birthday and have only used it once. I no longer ride enough to justify keeping this, so I’m seeing if anyone else is interested. It’s super easy to use, and can connect to GoPro. It’s upgradeable (I believe there is a gimbal and a Sony camera that you can buy that specifically goes with this drone if you don’t want to use a GoPro?). Here is the website.

Because it goes for $250+ and I’ve only used it once to test fly it, I am selling for $200 + s/h.

PM me if you’re interested and include your zip code so I can get an accurate shipping estimate.

I prefer f/f PayPal but will accept goods/services PayPal if buyer adds 3% to cost to cover fees.

Here is a link to photos of the drone in its box. I didn’t have time to take it out but I can send pics of the drone itself later this week when I have time off.

I’ll bump your listing by saying that it looks like a good deal, and I might be interested if I didn’t already have two drones and have hardly used either of them. :frowning:

How have you been? This place isn’t the same without your colorful unicycle creations.

Ha! Thanks! I’m good! I’m just getting back into running, which should translate to unicycling (and UPDing!) by this spring! Hopefully I’ll have some colorful posts again soon! :slight_smile:


Injecting pics

Hi Bri,

glad to hear that you are recovering well and on track for more uni high :stuck_out_tongue:

Just injecting pics for the lazy clickers like myself :wink:



Thanks! :slight_smile:

Bump. I’ll pay half of shipping.

Bump $200 including shipping!