3D Video tests

Hello everyone, here there are some 3d tests I’ve been doing with my custom rig. I know the quality is not good (they are tests and I’m improving the stability) but if you can give me some suggestions, it would be great because I’m doing in a few months a big docu of a 900km offroad route.

Here is a first test with a monopod:

That’s a second test with a helmet mount:

A third test with the helmet mount and some übereasy off-road terrain:

Just an explanation about 3D videos in Youtube: you should see them directly in Youtube to get the right aspect ratio and differente options for visualization (anaglyph, cross eyes, mirror view, shutter glasses, etc…)

Thanks :slight_smile:

no offence mate but all i can see is 2 copies of the same film next to each other theres nothing 3D about it unless theres somthing i need to do ?

Ben . . .watch it on Youtube in full screenwith red and green glasses on :slight_smile: .

Hi Ben . . . You need to watch them in Youtube wearing red and green glasses :slight_smile: . (the 3rd film does not seem to work though! Might just be my browser. )

Ben, that’s normal. In YouTube you can choose how to watch them. There is a small button called 3D on which you can choose one of these formats (and even more):

-Cyan&red, or any other anaglyph system (you need those cheesy 2 colours glasses)
-Cross eyes, you see 2 images and you don’t need glasses, just cross your eyes until both white points converge into one.
-Mirror view, you also see 2 images but one is mirrored, just use a small mirror perpendicular to you monitor in front of your eyes and focus with both of them to one image in the monitor, the other eye will receive the other image from the mirror.
-Shutter glasses, you need glasses and a 3D enabled monitor or tv.

PS: OneWheel, it wasn’t your browser, I just forgot the 3D tag in the video to enable 3D options in YouTube, sry, now it works :slight_smile:

Fun! 3d is cool stuff, though it’s definitely not simple yet. What kind of a rig do you have set up?

Your second two videos don’t match in terms of brightness on the two eyes, that can cause problems with fusing stereo images. If there’s some kind of a manual or semi-manual mode that keeps the exposure constant it might help things if you set both cameras the same.

I definitely like the helmet-cam for longer than I like the monopod video. Do you have any plans for when shots need more depth or less depth in terms of adjusting your interocular distance on the rig? I have read that there is a limit to perceived depth in stereo images, and after a certain distance you’ll just get ‘cutout’ looking things in the background instead of anything that feels real.

This is a cool experiment and I hope you keep playing with it!

Hi Dave, unfortunately although I have 2 equal cameras, it seems the models are slighty different and the sensor are not the same. That’s causing the brightness issues. I can change that while editing but I wanted to see if this could cause some kind of HRM effect, but that happens just with cross eyes or mirror views. :frowning:

The rig right now is just an alu beam with bolts to attach the mounts of the cameras at interocular distance and add a tripod screw. Next version will be able to adjust convergency (hopefully) and I will also try with an skater helmet so it doesn’t move so much.

Yes, some 3d “aficionados” use a thing called hyperstereoscopy on which both cameras are separated even some meters away to take photos of landscapes and add depth sense even when we don’t see them that way in reality.

I will definitively perform more tests and experiments. Today I was part of a promotional movie about my city, Córdoba, and I was on unicycle and powerisers (not at the same time :D) they filmed everything with 2 HD Sony film quality cameras and they were really awesome. Maybe some day I will have that kind of tools… maybe…

You gotta wonder what people think when they see you ride by on a unicycle with a space-age camera contraption attached to your head.

this is really cool I wish I had glasses

It’s cool just watching with cross eyes…Even if my eyes ache a bit now :smiley:

Cool effect! I watched it cross-eyed, but I’m looking forward to trying it with my 3D glasses when I get home tonight.