3D unicycle design

what is the crown material made out of? The prototype looks really awesome!

Oh god I have so many drawings of uni stuff!
Hold up.

Here we go!

These are all from a AutoCAD class I did. I drew my current trials uni.

I drew this the other day on Solid Works.

KH20 Full Final.jpg

KH20 Crown.jpg

KH20 Hub.jpg

the drawings are exquisite! since the unicycle was drawn in 3D, I assume you can take snapshots as you rotate it from the top and from the side, perhaps 37 shots from such perspectives?

then you can go here: http://www.vehiclesforgarminnuvi.com/

and go to the “make a vehicle” on that site and DL the software that turns the snapshots into a 3D vehicle representation that may appear on many Garmin GPS units… there are currently no unicycles available.

it would be so cool to have a unicycle on my gps, and lots of unicyclists would enjoy that as well. just an idea to look into for anyone that happens to have 3D images of unicycles to play with.