3D unicycle design

just wanted to share a couple of drawings with all of you.

are there more people out here that are doing design work on unicycles?
all drawings are acurate dimensions

isis hub

isis disc brake hub

Disc brake mount

Tell me what you think of it.
if your looking for a specific part just ask

What program do you use? Blender?

I just switched from inventor 2010 to inventor 2012.

i can also work with rhino

Very nice. You have a nice start for your parts. Now for the frame and all other components.

looks like a mad4one hub then a nimbus D

True just using as an inspiration. just modeling not trying make something real.

Just a quick seatpost design:

I’am using these drawings as a way to practise my 3D skills

The isis interface was kinda hard to make in 3D

you should do like a super cool custom cranks and disk!

I want to see some of your work from Rhino. Have you tried Solidworks? It is much more user friendly than inventor and has the same layout.

I would put some fillets on the edges, also on the flanges with the bigger hub some holes would look pretty cool. Try to innovate, There are a lot of cool things you can do with 3D modeling programs.

I dont have rhino at home right now. Used it at work the last half year. I tried solidworks a couple of times, but when i was still in school i had to use inventor so i’am more used to that.

Are there more people with unicycle design that they are willing to share?


looking good!

what program did you use?

that is super cool!
is there any free software like that?

Povray. And yes, it’s free.
But it’s not a CAD software, it’s a raytracer. So nice for getting great pics. But not suitable for actual designing.

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve drawn:

My very first uni: Torker CX 24, drawn in Solidworks.
This one is from about 6 years ago, which was actually a couple of years before I learned how to ride.

I started modeling my other unis a couple of years ago, but never got around to finishing them:

Nimbus Trials: drawn and rendered in Autodesk Inventor 2008

KH29: drawn in Autodesk Inventor 2008

My bro drew this: http://unicyclist.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1474103&postcount=1


someone make some super light cranks!

Sure! From their transparency you can guess, how light they are … :smiley:


hmmmm 100 grams :smiley:

No, they are lighter than air. So their weight is negative. If you ride a unicycle equipped with these cranks, make sure you had a good meal before for not floating into the sky. :roll_eyes:

Ive been designing a new unicycle frame. 3D model’d it on the computer then 1:1 scale prototyped it. It is still a work in progress, and i will be improving it in the future.