[3D] More Than Fine

Here is my big spring video! This has been in the making for a while, and I tried to take all the suggestions from my previous videos into account. Also, as a bonus, it is in 3D! So throw on your 3D glasses and watch! Of course it is also in normal form if you don’t have 3D glasses or like the colours and simplicity of a 2D video.

Switchfoot-More Than Fine

I like your style. Very relaxed, makes the tricks look easy.

How did you get that cloud effect? Film it twice: one w/ you and one w/ the clouds sped up then photoshoped together? Or do you just have REALLY fast clouds?

Nice, dude. Good to see your riding in a different location. Loooved the kriszhickflip. So nice.

You’re my hero bro! That vid was flawless, creative, and flowed nicely. Please keep riding hard!

I can’t watch the video here in germany :angry: , but chromakeying would be an option .

I really hate Sony music.

your flatland skills are amazing! such good spin/flip and roll tricks.

nice to see a little bit of street and trials in there too. you should practice them more and do more street! :slight_smile:

I got some 3D glasses from the cinema but they don’t work with the video :frowning:
Do i need to get the red and blue ones to see it properly? The ones i got from the cinema are the balck, new ones…

Yup, you need the old school ones.

Well as soon as i find a pair (they’re round here somewhere) i’ll have another watch. Great vid by the way. I don’t thik i’ll ever stop being impressed what you guys on these forums can do :wink:

you’re getting better and better every video at riding and editing. :thinking:
the krisz hick was realy creatif and sick :roll_eyes:

Real nice editing, much better watching riding in different loocations nice angles and perspectives. Cool video :slight_smile:

Great, Kriszspins are getting famous!:stuck_out_tongue:
I liked the double back.(clean):slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for all the comments everyone! They really motivate me!
It is now uploaded to vimeo:


That is basically how I did the clouds. I filmed the trick and then left the camera in the same position and filmed the clouds. After that I sped up the cloud footage and masked the two clips so that the sped up clouds were visible at the top and the trick was visible at the bottom. Thanks for noticing!

It is fun to something a little different every once in a while.

That was a really clean looking edit as well. Nice job.

And you’ve been busy outside!! I really like to see you riding in daylight, and it looks like you had fun being creative.

Riding was sweet too

Dude! I found a pair of 3D glasses and the vid looks sick! You used one of the new 3D lenses, yeah? :slight_smile: awesome riding, filming and editing too :smiley:

I haven’t been able to find any glasses :frowning:

Isn’t there anyway you can upload it like that other video ?

This would be cool as all you have to do is go cross eyed :slight_smile:

Thanks! Actually I just converted my 2D video to 3D with my editing software.

I don’t think it can be uploaded like that because it isn’t real 3D.

Ah well worth a try :slight_smile: