36r frame

I’m looking for a 36" frame. Needs to be set up for 42mm bearings, 100mm bearing width. Magura brake mounts would be a plus.

Maybe you’ve already considered it but I’ll mention just in case the “smolagin signature edition” Impulse frame at UDC UK. Shipping isn’t bad as you might guess (I’ve gotten a frame though not a 36er–still waiting a while for that) and the VAT deduction helps a lot too.

Edit: Oh wait, you said 100mm bearing width. OK, so maybe not…

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Firstly how on earth is it my signature edition. Secondly, bearing spacing is somewhat flexible on that frame. Thirdly the price is about $125 with shipping to the USA if I remember correctly.

Just a little joke there… You’ve posted about getting it a few times so I associate it with you… I’m glad you posted the extra info.

And apparently the spelling of your name is somewhat flexible too. Sorry about that once again, Shmolagin.

Well hey, I guess it’s a good thing to be associated with an awesome unicycle frame. :smiley:

I wouldn’t mind ordering a KH36 frame from UDC, but they’re out of stock. The others they have are less than ideal for various reasons. I need the bearing and width spacing to fit a Schlumpf hub, so the need is kind of specific. I think a QX Marathon 36 would also be a good candidate, spec-wise, but they only seem to have them in Germany, and that comes out to $200+ after shipping, so I figured I’d check with the forum group to see if anyone has something hanging around. Otherwise I’ll just wait until such time as UDC gets more KHs in stock.

You can buy them here and here.

UDC Canada has some.


OK! Thanks guys!