Shoot, after posting this first in the wrong spot I’ll post it where it belongs.

I’m looking for a 36 inch, I’ve been riding a 20 inch for a while but I just got my Dad to agree to looking around for a 36’. Any help/suggestions on where to look would be fantastic. Oh, and I would also plan on riding this off pavement as well.

Sorry for being much a newbie!

Look on unicycle.com. I think they are even on sale right now.

Pretty much any of them would work for some light off-roading. I don’t think the strength of an ISIS interface is really needed for a 36er but it helps keep your cranks worry free and allows you to use the KH dual drilled cranks to quickly go from road to trail mode with just a pedal wrench.

I spent a lot of time looking for a 36". I finally went with a Coker from bikemania.biz. Cheapest I’ve seen around and you can find a coupon code sommewhere online for 5% more off. Not a bad deal…

Thanks! The websites help.

yeah i just got my coker from bike mania it is sweet and it was also the cheapest i could find them for. i paid 400 plus 50 shipping

Got mine for $380 + $50 shipping :slight_smile:
Just came in, its at home right now and I go back tomorrow to get it!

Nice! Yeah, that site you posted is looking like my best bet.


If anyone buys that let us know if it is any good. JCP unicycles have come up for sale on eBay before and nobody here bought them.