36inch wheelset

wheelset with regular hub for a nimbus 36

I have a Nimbus frame with a Coker wheelset. It’s really a nice wheel and if I remember right it was $125 including shipping.

If you’re trying to keep the cost down I’ll send you an old Coker button tread tire for the cost of shipping. It’s bald in a couple of spots, but could probably go for a while that way.

You would still need a tube and a rim strip. I’m running a 29er tube in mine with Velox rim tape. Both of those can be had at a local bike shop.

I have a set of Coker 125mm cranks that I don’t think I’ll ever use. If you want short cranks you can have them for $15. I ended up liking 140’s more, and didn’t put much mileage on the 125’s (maybe 200 miles tops). They still look new except for maybe some marks from banging around in my toolbox.

Just FYI, Coker has changed their shipping policy. They now charge $65 flat rate so the days of paying $7 to ship a wheel appear to be over.