36inch unicycle

theres a 36 inch unicycle for £145 deliverd in the uk unkown frame but has got airfoil rim would buy it but i am low on funds

Looks pretty sweet, for that price I’d definitely snatch it up if I were someone over there.

damnnn thats a good deal… i just brought an xpt this morning so i cant afford to buy anything else right now! haha someone will get a great deal here! :slight_smile:

i think i might buy it
but its this or an xbox 360.:frowning:

Are you kidding? Seriously?


I may be wrong, but I’m sure this was on ebay before, and somebody posted a thread about it, and people were saying it was stolen or something… ? :thinking:

Well… I’ve seen it somewhere before anyway…

Oh it’s a long story…
And I’m sorry for those I was supposed to keep informed.
Since the case wasn’t sorted out I just didn’t say anything…

It’s my unicycle that had been lost by British Airways (my advice: avoid BA if you can, 3 days delayed during the first trip, lost during the way back!!)

Yah I remember the last time this was put up on e-bay

Sorry you didn’t get it back anso.

On the bright side looks like Blue got a sweet deal on it.