**36inch(91.4cm) SI static jump Comp**

As said in title, 3ft, or 91.4cm Seat In static Jump Comp.

-Must have not landed 36’’ SI static hop before.
-It must be a jump UP
-Must be static
-Must be SI
-Must be on film, with measuring before/after you hit it, of the object you jumped
-Have fun

There will be 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place. Then i will probably put a signature of all who acheived it in this comp, 1st to 10th maybe. Just to keep track of these people. If you still want to have one in your sig that says something like ‘9th place’, then sure.

Yeah, It’ll be possible, Ive been reaching around 30’’ currently. I just need to build my highjump bar, instead of my ghetto one, and go uni some other time. right now i have a really pissed off bumble bee in my trials set/area.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


I’m in.

Hopping up & over a highjump bar is MUCH harder than jumping up ONTO something, since your crank and pedal must fully clear the bar on the way over. But good luck with that.:stuck_out_tongue:

cool! I cant do anything SIF, so SI is my homeboy right now.

Every time I use a high jump bar I lose confidence and that sense of accomplishment… :frowning: not in as I’m at like 17in so maybe I’ll catch up with practice.

More clarification: you must jump higher and FARTHER over the bar in order for your crank and pedal (on the trailing side) to clear the bar.:smiley:

Whatever, right now i dont care about that, its what i can do fine.

Ok great, let’s see it on film! 36" up & over static seat in! Can’t wait to see you do that! Props if you can!:smiley:

kay, once i go and ride more… theres a mad bumble bee living in my trials set…

its called a fly swatter or bee spray, and i stil want to see your 30" SI static, b/c all this talk and no vid im tarting t wonder

Bee careful beefore you beecome beettin by that bee which would bee a beech!!:stuck_out_tongue: Just swat the beestard and get “hoppin” mad!:smiley:

Bee sure to get Bee spray, Beecause Bees are Beests, and will beestow a sting upon your beeloved head.

W0000000000T! I’m almost winning this comp! I just went out, and almost got 34’’. My problem is i’m hitting the big ones too far forwards, and i need the space to jump farther up. I end up sending my highjump bar flying cause my tire hits it (upwards, not downwards) Woo… I got mad with not being able to do 29’’ at the time, so i raised the bar, so to speak lol, and I NEARLY got it… gosh i’m tired… I’ll get it on footage tomorrow maybe, or tonight still if i have nothing to do… Wait nvm… its raining now…

I can’t beelieve that! The BEEper himself trying go beeyond my previous post!:smiley: In these phrases I’m sorry if my “spelling bee” was incorrect!:stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, good one.

Imma stop though, so this thread doesn’t get filled up with unbeelievably irrelavant topics… Plus, i’d lose this war of creativity to you anyway, Terry.

I’d be surprised if anyone manages this. Joe’s done 100cm SI static but I doubt anyone else has got above 80cm.

Okay, thats enough to show someone up. Yay inspiration. Thats almost enough to get me back out unicycling tonight. I may just go film this for you. (34’’ only)

It is possible. Unibikeling, not to shit on your parade, but it only counts if you make it over the bar.

Static as in no prehop, or no rolling. I don’t think static (no prehop) is possible for this hight.

theres no rain on my parade dude. I can make it over the bar fine lol…

i hit a 30’’ on film MAYBE.

Yes, i went over the bar. No, i did not actually land right lol. I landed stupid, since its rainy outside…

edit: JEE TEE SON!