36in Tube Options

I have a Nimbus Nightrider and today I had a full on blowout. The tube was almost 8 years old so I am not too surprised. I am just trying to weigh my options seeing as the tubes for 36ers are $27-$38 I am thinking about going tubeless and I have read all the threads on this and not sure if it is the right option for me. I know people stretch tubes for like 26ers onto 29ers and I was wondering if anyone has successfully stretched a 29in onto a 36in? if anyone knows any options for cheaper tubes I am down for that. I am not too concerned about weight, more about price.

My understanding is people use 29" tubes quite successfully on 36’s but I am not a distance rider so have never done it myself…

Thank you. I just did tons of searching… going to try a 29in and hope for success. I will let you know how it went!

I think it boils down to 2 options - if you want to save weight - get a 29" tube or a Foss 36".

if you’re using an 8 year old tube, you may have the tube stem that is large. A 29er tube or a foss tube have a valve stem that is a much smaller diameter. Technically this can cause issues, but I’ve seen people run a tube with a valve stem too small and it works. I use a 29er tube in mine. Get some talc powder and powder the crap out of it. Pump it up so that it’s round, stretch it over the rim, then leave it slightly inflated just to bring it into shape while installing the tire with your fingers only. You’ll loose a little more air over time than a full 36er commuter tube, and save quite a lot of weight. I did not have as much success with a 29+ tube as it’s too wide for the tire and developed a bulge. Stick with the plain old 29 x 2.4 tube.

What about a 32" tube? Are those a lot lighter than a 36er tube, but easier to install than a 29er tube?

Ok so I bought a 29in specialized tube from my local bike shop. It was the only schraeder valve 29 they had. I inflated it and am letting it sit to round out for a little then get some powder and try to install tonight. I will let you know how it goes. I looked and the stem on the tube was a bit bigger on the old one. How big of a problem is this?

I don’t want to buy a 36 unless I have to because they are just kind of ridiculously priced plus I have to pay for shipping.

Plenty of people have used a 29" tube in a 36 with no issues (including myself). To get around the large valve-stem hole thing I just wrap the valve stem in some tape to make it a snug fit.

You will be amazed in the difference dropping a bit of weight at the tube makes on a 36er, it’s a great feeling, unless you like momentum.

Wouldn’t a 32" tube be an easier, better fit and also a lot lighter than a 36er tube, or isn’t there much weight difference between the 32" & 36" tubes?

Theoretically, yes it would. I had bad luck with the quality of my 32" tube, however. It just kind of didn’t hold air very well. I think this happens with tubes in general. They’re a commodity item, so you get bad ones from time to time. So I just went with a 29" tube, because they’re so cheap and easily obtainable. Just toss and replace when necessary. (I haven’t had any problems with the 29", btw, either in my 32" or in the 36", when I still had it.)

Sorry Terry, I didn’t think you were serious.

If the 32" tube is built like a standard tube it might be the best choice, but if its thick like the old 36" tubes it wont stretch very well making it heavier and less ideal than a 29" tube. I’ve never seen one and am not about to special order one when 29" tubes are cheep, available, and work quite well.

My experience is similar, except Schwalbe tubes. They hold air very well.

I agree. I special order the Schwalbe tubes, because they hold air well, and also because you can get them with fully-threaded valve stems (which I like).

I’ve been using a 32" tube for over a month now. It’s great. Maintains the pressure, and easier to mount the tire over than a 29".

I’m sold on the 32" tube for the 36.

Cut from my 9/05/2016 post:
I had tried the foss tube in my 36, but I didn’t like putting air in the tube so often. Currently trying out using a 32 inch(Kent/Walmart) tube to reduce the weight to about half of the standard 36 inch tube. 476 std36 vs 264 kent/walmart32 grams.

Had a hard time getting the tire on with the 32. Like a 29 inch tube, the smaller tube gets in the way of allowing the tire to seat deep in the rim when mounting. But, like the 29 inch tube, the fix is to add some air to the tube so that it expands away from the rim when mounting the tire.

Very cool. I hadn’t seen these before. I had a similar configuration with the Presta valves on my mountain bikes (fully threaded stem with a nut), but not for anything with a Schraeder. I can think of a number of occasions where this would have been really useful, including just yesterday.

I know… try adding a few pounds when you’re only running 10 or 12 lbs to start with. Oops, there goes the valve stem inside the wheel! LOL :slight_smile:

Ok I got the tube on the wheel and the tire back on. Holy cow was that hard to get the tire back on my friend and I felt like we were wrestling a alligator.
Anyways it has been 2 days of riding and no problems with running a 29" in the 36". I did notice that it made the tire a little skinnier but no problem for right now. I might look into those fully threaded tubed because the tube did spin a little and that smaller stem kind of worries me. Thank you for all of the replies and I will keep you updated on the tube.

Just go my Kent 32" tube today, to install on my 36er. It’s a whole 1 pound lighter rotating weight which should definitely be noticeable!
The install was very easy after lubing rim and tube with teflon powder. Checked bead before inflating and no indication of tube under bead. Hopefully it will hold up and not blowout while riding! :slight_smile:

I’ve been wanting to try a 29er tube since my FOSS tube experience went down the pan. I have a place where I get SUPER cheap Schwalbe 29er tubes, so purely for that reason the idea interests me :smiley:

What’s the preparation like? Just put the tube on the rim, THEN put the tyre on, THEN inflate? Is there anything weird I need to do?

And what’s the situation like when you pop one, can you still patch it, or is it done for?

Is it good enough to carry a spare 29er tube, or would I be better to carry a 36er tube as a spare?

Why not go with a 32? You still save a whole pound and it’s way easier to install than a 29er tube, and likely much less risk of blowout or getting the tube pinched under the bead.