36h 27.5+ rims?

My plan has allways been building a G29 when the new Schlumpf hubs are released.
But now I’m thinking a bit about going G27.5 … maybe.
I’d use the 2.5" Maxxis Minion DHF.
The thing is, I can’t find any 27.5 rim with a width of about 40 to 50mm (just in the range where the KHs are) that has 36 holes. Are there such rims and are they affordable?

I think some of the Nukeproof rims on Chain Reaction may be available in 36h. Can’t say for certain though. They also probably won’t be as wide as you want, but as a dh mtb rim they should take a 2.5" minion ok.

I’ve got my Schlumpf in one of these (actually the 26" version) with a Hans Dampf tyre. Not cheap, but worth it with a Schlumpf :


I wouldn’t go a wider rim unless you’re going to a 3" tyre.

I used to ride the Velocity Blunt 35, but only 35mm. I went wider with a Derby Carbon rim, but I’m not sure they offer 36h, you could ask, but it’s 40mm wide. Nextie offers those wide 50mm carbon rims, but then again, price is a bit high when you go carbon. I’m sure something will come out soon. I still haven’t heard of any 27.5+ in 36h saddly. A few 32h came out like the Stans Hugo52 and the WTB Scrapper.

Thanks for the answers so far.
So I was not blind or stupid. Beside sonme expensive carbon rims, there are almost no 27.5+ rims in 36h out yet.

The Velocity Blunt 35 is a really goot tip. Thank you for this!

might be easier to convince florian to make the next lot of hubs with a 32h drilling. Not many unicycles are sold stock with a Schlumpf so it is reasonable for him to expect people wanting to use a variety of different components. Definitely easier to get a 32h drilled rim these days than a 36.


Is it possible to lace a 36h hub to a 32h rim? Or vice versa? Obviously there would be 4 empty holes, and I’d guess it might make spoke length calculations trickier. I’m not a wheel builder but just wondered if this would be possible, since 32h rims are so much more common.

It’s possible to lace a 48 hole hub to a 36 hole rim, but not 32. It’s not particularly recommended though.

The only readily available 32 hole hub I know of is the Nimbus one. (and Mad4One, but they are 200 bucks and tend to break spokes from what I have read)

I’ve done 48h hub to 32h rim a few times. It’s great, but obviously not as good as a “real” build with the right number of spokes. I wish there was more 32h hub available on the market. If Kris Holm made a 32h version of the Spirit I would buy them all :smiley:

It doesn’t solve the Schlumpf problem that is 36h though. There’s a way to do everything… Sometimes it’s not the best but it works.

Hey Jaco, do you have a picture of the 32? I hadn’t heard of it, but I see it’s possible because 32/48 = 2/3, whereas 36/48 = 3/4. You’re just skipping every third hole.

Anyway, would be curious to hear how it holds up.

I’ve seen a couple of builds like that that use different spoke lengths, some are radial, some are crossing… I can’t imagine it would be good on a unicycle wheel, but there are some cool spoke patterns out there.

Juggleaddict, I’m not Jaco but I’ll attach a pic of the one 32-on-48 wheel I’ve done. I used all the same length spokes and it looks normal considering the rim that’s on it. You wouldn’t notice the open holes on the hub if you didn’t know to look.

If you get scratch paper and a good spoke length calculator, one that does fractional crosses and not just 3x or 4x, you can work out that there are 8 distinct patterns, depending on whether the spokes cross over the open holes or away from them and where the open ones are on two flanges relative to each other. Two of the patterns use the same length for all the spokes give or take a mm, one with a little bit longer spokes and the other a little shorter. The other six patterns could need as many as four different lengths.

You can find differing reports in older threads about how efforts at doing this turned out. My guess is that this is the random outcome of putting spokes in without knowing which pattern you’re using.

dang, I already have my nimbus hub on the way. That looks surprisingly normal. Perhaps my next build.

… that’s an awesome superman look btw : )

Good catch! I didn’t think of it as a Superman motif but you’re right. You shoulda seen it with American flag pattern duct tape on the back of the rim strip showing through the cutouts.

Btw, that’s a 26" rim in a 24" frame. The idea was to build up a lightweight muni with something less than a Duro tire on it, and machine some kind of spacer or extender to put between the frame and the bearings. 10 mm more tire clearance would have been gracious plenty. But I kinda ran out of enthusiasm before I had all the details worked out.

There were really good deals on closeout parts like that hub and frame a couple of years ago, as everyone switched over to disc brakes and liquidated their stocks of non-disc components. Maybe not as much right now.

I dont think I ever took a picture of my setup haha, but I’m guessing it’s the same as “Large Eddie”. I still have the wheel, but I’m not using 24" anymore. It’s just waiting for me to start doing street on it again :stuck_out_tongue:

The 27.5 rim of the Qu-Ax Q-axle 27.5 Disc Muni is 36h. I don’t know exactly, but it should be 40mm wide (outside). It’s not sold separately, but maybe I could use this uni as basis and lace a Schlumpf into it.

What I would not risk is ruining a schlumpf by lacing it into a wheel with the wrong number of holes.

This may be a long shot at this point, but you may be able to have a rim custom drilled. Awhile back, in the early '90’s i built a 24" wheeled mountain bike. At the time there weren’t many decent quality rims in that size, and the ones I could get had 36 holes. I wanted to build an XT hub with 32 holes. I called Sun and they made a set of 32 hole C16 rims for me. They didn’t charge any extra for it, but that’s a whole other story. I don’t know how likely that could happen anymore, but back then they made the rims right there.

Anyway, it may be worth looking into.