36ers questions

I’ve been looking into getting a 36er from watching Terrys awesome videos. But I have no knowledge about them. I’m only a kid with a minimum wage job so it needs to be cheap(I’ll upgrade later) I was looking at the 360 radial but I’m afraid it will fall apart on me and won’t last as long. Does anyone have this uni that could give a review? Or should I get a nimbus or Big One? I saw the new uni thats coming from coker, it looks sick, but I’m sure its going to be like 600 bucks. I also had a question about handles, and how they work. Do you lean on them, or what? And how does it improve comfort? Thanks Joe.

Hey thanks for the compliment littleman…sorry I don’t know your name. Well, my 36er is the radial 360, but it does have the better double walled aluminum rim, which for me is necessary for doing what I do on it haha. Anyway, I think there’s a basic coker in trading post for only $200, and apparently it’s in good condition.
It does have the older steel rim I believe.

As for the new coker, I would recommend either, but I personally prefer the lighter Alum. frame “Big One”. It too has the alum rim, and seems like a good, strong 36er. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!:smiley:

Btw, where in SoCal do you live?

Terry is my hero!

So I don’t know why I would post after him, I just like to type I guess.:slight_smile:

I have the cheapest radial 360, steel rim and plain spokes etc. I think it is just fine for street riding in my level town. I weigh about 190 now (gotta get back on that diet!). Anyway, the 340$ ish radial seems to be in about the same shape as when I bought it maybe 1000 miles ago. The TA tire wears really well. It is by no means a piece of junk.

If I was gonna buy a 36 now, I would get one of the new Cokers. I like both of them, I’m not so sure anyone knows which is best yet. IMHO, the extra 100$ buys a lot of extra value.

It may be a while yet before we can read any good reviews on them, but for 440 $, that’s a lot of upgraded parts. A round of applause for Coker !:slight_smile:

Well thats good to hear most of you are riding with 360 radials. Because I don’t have enough money for anything else. I saw the coker in the trading post but he doesn’t wan’t to ship it, and I’d have to pick it up at muni weekend. Thats like a 9 hour drive and I don’t drive. I live down in temecula its about an hour drive to oc uni club. I saw you were there a weekend back and I wish I would of know or else I would made the effort to get a ride there. Thanks Joe.

Hey Joe, an hour drive isn’t too bad! It’s about the same for me. The OC club almost always posts in rsu for upcoming rides, but the next time they schedule one, I’ll let you know so maybe you can join us!:smiley:

This place will ship for free


How can you recommend them, if you’ve never ridden or even seen one in person?

First of all Tod, how do you know if I’ve “never ridden or seen one in person?” In any event, people “recommend” lots of things, like “getting to know God”, but have never seen God or Jesus in person. Sometimes you go on faith. :roll_eyes: Plus, I owned the earlier coker version and was very pleased with it, (but like the UDC standard radial version, I wanted a stronger rim) also had numerous email and phone communications with the owner’s son.

It’s pretty decent price too for the standard coker with aluminum double walled rime, aluminum frame, 25.4mm seat post and what appears to be a decent saddle. YES, I RECOMMEND IT! :slight_smile:

Just to piss you off. :roll_eyes: :wink:

Hmm…that’s an interesting reply…I would think you would say something more like:

And then I would throw in something about how talking to the owners somehow makes better products :roll_eyes:

Thanks for posting that! I had accidentally deleted it thanks!!! (Actually I was waiting for your response to post that reply, so I saved it to my "clipboard, but lost it when I cut & pasted something else!) But I like to do my research and talking to the owner, asking specific questions, having owned their previous models and the fact that they tell me that they will stand behind their products 100% gives me the confindence to say, hells yeah, go for it! The price for the aliuminum frame version is far less than the nimbus w/alum rim from UDC, so there’s another reason; save $$$.

Oh, btw, I’m ordering one next week! (On your recommendation right?) That way I don’t have to conitually switch cranks, saddles, remove the T7 and all that hassle! I’ll have one for Distance/communting, and one specifially for Muni! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Are you implying that the new coker will be available for purchase next week?

Haha, good point. “Pre orders begin 10/22/07”, according to the last email from coker cycles. What I will do is call them tomorrow to ask if they can either “reserve” one for me or let me pay for one in advance.:smiley:

I take it that you think that they will sell out rather quickly? I’d think that they are taking the extra time to stock up and build up inventory so as not to immediately sell out (at least that’s what I would hope).

Well, I don’t know how many ppl are chomping at the bit to actually buy one, at least immediately. If they have only 50 on hand at the start that’s probably way more than they’ll need for pre-orders.

I think the email says that the first 250 preorders gets a free cokercycles t shirt. Cool!

So who’s buying one tomorrow?

And which one did you go for? Hopefully they will update the site and say what pre order means. You know, how long before they will ship it?

:astonished: What couldn’t i get a T-Shirt. :astonished: