I’m selling the 36er I built. I’m honestly just not riding anymore, and don’t think I’m ever going to use this.

It has a Nimbus steel frame, ISIS super wide hub, SRAM cranks (175’s), T-bar, Stadium saddle, Nimbus rim, and a decent dual pivot brake.

I’ll get some pics up in a bit.

I am willing to ship.

Price is $600 shipped.



500 shipped. This is brand new.



The choice of one’s pedals is a very private one, you insensitive clod. You may admire the seller’s high degree of sensitivity he shows by leaving open the question of the pedals.

Well, don’t take that too serious. That 36er looks really nice and finishing it with pair of orange pedals would make my heart jump. Most riders would change these extremely long cranks for some shorter though.

William, I’ll pm you tonight.

Sold pending shipment.

SOLD. Thank you! A lovely ride!