36er with KH T-bar, odometer and brake

I’m selling my lovely 36er to make space for a new bike that I’ve just bought. It was originally a stock Coker but I ended up replacing all of it except the frame and seatpost. Not quite a unicycle of Theseus, but on the way there. I cycled LEJOG (around 1,000 miles) unsupported on it and had no problems; it’s a pleasure to ride. :slight_smile:


Standard steel frame
Standard steel seatpost
Coker button tread tyre
Nimbus wheelbuild with CrMo hub (black rim)
Nimbus double bolt seatpost clamp (blue)
Fitted side pull brake
KH Fusion Freeride 2009 saddle (blue)
KH T-bar
Cateye Mity 8 cycle computer (wired)
Aluminium DX pedals

It comes supplied with a spare inner tube, two different length seatposts, 125mm, 152mm and 170mm steel cranks. The latter two have a slight q-factor. There are the usual small scratches on the frame, pedals and handlebars but it’s in very good condition. The Cateye light pictured isn’t supplied.

I’m asking £350 or nearest offer.

Thanks for looking! :slight_smile:

What bike did you get?

A Genesis Vapour cyclocross bike, very similar to this model:

Just to clarify, this uni will remain available unless I specifically post to say otherwise. :slight_smile:

I’d also be interested in trading for a 29er.


The price has been reduced to £325 or best offer, and the unicycle is now listed on eBay:


Is it possible to have this shipped to the USA?

I’d prefer not to since the cost would be prohibitive and it might be difficult to ship, but if you’re prepared to pay for and organise a courier or something it’s probably feasible.

Yes, I took a look at the rate and it’s too much. It is however a good looking unicycle.