36er wipeout.

This is my pal Brogan falling off his uni on a slushy hill…

that didn’t look too bad? with that music i was expecting at least a broken back :wink:

not as bad as the 16.7 mph superman on black asphalt i did a few months back when i first got my coker. haven’t ridden one since.

I was rather disappointed. To be honest, I was expecting a much large wipe our then that one. But it still looked like it might have been rather painful.

I took a spill yesterday :frowning: first one in nearly a year on my coker. Mine was much more exciting, as I went into a roll…but I came out of it without a scratch :slight_smile:

I always find it weird when people don’t hold their seats when going downhill or down stairs.


if i were going down stairs then i wud hold the seat but not downhill.

That’s nothin. I have falls like that all the time (I don’t have a 36 though)

Now this is a coker wipeout.


that was awesome!

i have bigger wipeouts than that on a 12"