36er wheel building truing stand options

After building and truing 36er unicycle wheels “in the frame” for many years now, I finally upgraded my wheel building set-up with a Park TS2.2 truing stand. The spec sheet said it would take up to a 29er rim and that is all good for the little wheels in my life, but the nicest surprise was that by adding the KH bolt-on truing stand bearing holders, its arms are now long enough to fit a 36er wheel with a little room to spare. I attached a pic of a Nimbus Nightrider 36er wheel I’m working on for a V-frame distance unicycle project. Its kind of small, but I think you get the idea.

I don’t think the Park Tool blokes ever even thought of this large of a bike wheel in thier stand, but its a welcome upgrade for big wheel building.
This is it:




What? Like Turtle’s V? Have you made progress with the frame? Pictures?

I’m getting one. You taught me your Jedi wheel building skills in a frame but this way seems much better. I love that it fits a 36-er wheel.

Regarding the V-frame… I’m excited :sunglasses:

Its a steel V-frame similar in layout to Turtles I guess, but its built from scratch from thin wall Cr-Mo tubing (I found very long Cr-Mo unicrown fork legs that come raw and long enough to hold a 36er wheel) and machined bearing holders. I’m still working on my tooling to get the miters right in the fork legs.

I’ll post pics along the way.